Chocolate Covered Strawberries

and Chocolate chip cookies


24 hour notice needed


Roses (6)

Arrive at the front gate to the 9E Ranch and your romantic adventure begins!   Open the front gate,(don't forget to reclose it)  take a deep breath, slow down as you drive the  gravel road, smell the fresh air and pine trees.  Follow the directions to your cabin and when you find it, open the door and find  roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate chip cookies.  Your cabin has everything you need to settle in and relax.  As the sunsets, hold hands and walk to the top of the hill and be amazed by the distant color.  Back at your cabin, light up the grill and sit on the porch while you prepare something to eat.  Turn the lights off in your cabin, sit outside and gaze at the stars.   Dream and meditate on the vastness of the universe.  Hold hands and realize that the important things are not things.

In the morning sleep as long as you can and wake to coffee, muffins and fruit at your leisure.  Take a long walk in the woods, pet a donkey, count the red birds and blue birds, watch the Longhorns, breathe and enjoy the sounds of nature.   Drive into Bastrop, the most historic small town in Texas or Smithville where many movies have been filmed and explore.  Return to your cabin for sunset and if your are up in time enjoy the sunrise.  When you leave just know that you have a home at the 9E Ranch.  One of our guests tells his friends,  "I have a ranch in Bastrop County that Joan and Kent take care of for me!"

Just note when you book under "Special Needs" or e-mail joan9e@gmail.com and it will happen.


Romantic experience